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For Faculty

Susquehanna University studentsDetailed information for faculty is found in the Blough-Weis Library mySU pages.

If you have a specific question about the library or its services, please feel free to contact your department’s library liaison. A list of departmental liaisons can be found here (SU login required).

Quick links to faculty forms on mySU (SU login required)

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The Mission of the Blough-Weis Library

The mission of the Blough-Weis Library is to provide resources and services to stimulate intellectual curiosity and facilitate learning and research within the academic community. In order to accomplish this, the librarians rely on faculty to:

  1. Help maintain the collections in their disciplines by ordering material to support their curriculum and by weeding out-of-date material
  2. Encourage the use of the library by assigning research projects, scheduling library instruction sessions, and recommending individual research consultation sessions, especially for seniors in capstone courses
  3. Work with librarians creating research assignments, developing programs and building collections
  4. Schedule classes, displays and events in the library to reinforce the role of library as a “place”
  5. Individually or through their representative on the Library Committee communicate wants and needs regarding library resources and services

The library becomes an integral part of the academic community when faculty, students and librarians work together. Please support the library and help continue the successful working relationship that has developed over the years.

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