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Photo of Ryan Ake Ryan Ake
Research Librarian: Outreach and Collection Development
Phone: 570-372-4324
Email: ake@susqu.edu
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Kathy Dalton, M.L.S.
Reference Librarian, Assistant Professor
Phone: 570-372-4301
Email: dalton@susqu.edu
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Photo of Katherine Furlong Katherine Furlong
Director of Library/University Librarian
Phone: 570-372-4320
Email: furlongk@susqu.edu
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Photo of Robert A. Gessner, M.L.S. Robert A. Gessner, M.L.S.
Systems Librarian/Assistant Professor
Phone: 570-372-4322
Email: gessnerr@susqu.edu
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Photo of Tina Jansen Tina Jansen
Administrative Assistant, Library
Phone: 570-372-4317
Email: jansen@susqu.edu
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Jeffrey D. Martin
Media Assistant
Adjunct Faculty Film
Phone: 570-372-4549
Email: martinje@susqu.edu
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Photo of Steve Naugle Steve Naugle
Interlibrary Loan/Periodicals Assistant
Phone: 570-372-4016
Email: naugle@susqu.edu
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Photo of Tracy L. Powell, M.L.S. Tracy L. Powell, M.L.S.
Cataloging Coordinator
Phone: 570-372-4410
Email: powelltracy@susqu.edu
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Photo of Ann Marie Rompolski Ann Marie Rompolski
Acquisitions Coordinator
Phone: 570-372-4411
Email: rompolsk@susqu.edu
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Photo of Mary J. Sanders Mary J. Sanders
Archives/Media Assistant
Phone: 570-372-4327
Email: sandersmary@susqu.edu
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Photo of Robert Sieczkiewicz Robert Sieczkiewicz
Research Librarian: Instruction and Digital Scholarship
Research Librarian, Assistant Professor
Phone: 570-372-4329
Email: sieczkiewicz@susqu.edu
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Stephanie L. Thomas
Circulation Assistant
Phone: 570-372-4022
Email: thomassteph@susqu.edu
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Photo of Cindy Whitmoyer, M.L.S. Cindy Whitmoyer, M.L.S.
Public Services Librarian/Assistant Professor
Phone: 570-372-4459
Email: whitmoyer@susqu.edu
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