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Student Advisory Committee


This committee gathers student input concerning the library's resources and services and provides a channel of communication between the librarians and students. The committee works with the librarians and the student body to implement changes to increase the value of the Blough-Weis Library to Susquehanna University community.

Past recommendations and actions:

  • Develop a leisure reading collection (Donated books are available in the snack area and on the book turn near the entrance to the BWL) 
  • Move a printer to the top floor (Summer 2007) 
  • Revamp the snack area (Summer 2007) 
  • Give priority in study rooms to groups of three or more
  • Have the library host workshops (ex. creating a Web site)
  • More publicity for library services
  • Revamp the BWL Web site

Would you like to join?

Any student is welcome to join the committee and share ideas about ways to improve the library’s resources and services. E-mail Kathleen Dalton if you are interested.

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