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Blough-Weis LibraryWhen you picture a library what do you see? Stacks and stacks of dusty, never-been-touched books lining shelves, rows of glossy magazines, people moving about silently? Well, that’s not the academic library in the 21st century!

At the Blough-Weis Library (BWL) we do have books, about 341,000 of them, over 67,000 ebooks and 50,000+ journal titles,  most of which are available full-text online.

But we also have 70 desktop computers as well as 30 laptops that you may borrow and use anywhere in the building (wireless–imagine curling up in one of our comfy lounge chairs). These all connect to printers (free prints) and to your own network resources.

We also have almost 5,000 videos (think Blockbuster) and 3,000 CDs that you may borrow or use in the BWL (again, think comfy chairs).

The BWL is a meeting place—centrally located on campus, open until 1 a.m. most days; we're open late on weekends, too. Small study rooms accommodate up to eight people.

A computer room with 20 PCs, a printer, a projector, a screen, and access to the Internet  is also available after 4 p.m. and on weekends. It may be used for practicing presentations.

Buy coffee or potato chips from the vending machines, watch TV or borrow some leisure-reading books in the newly renovated student lounge, which also includes lockers available for rental, so you won’t need to lug all those books around.

And if you do want to use some of those 341,000 books and 50,000 magazines, there are friendly, professional librarians available 76 hours a week who would love to work with you.

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