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Library Instruction

What database should I use? I’m not allowed to use the Internet so where can I find information? What’s a scholarly journal and where do I find one? Citations—where to put a period, when to use a comma!!!??? Agghhh!

Librarians are available to answer these and all of your other research questions. No question is too simple or (hopefully) too complex. Their job is to get you started, suggest the best terms, the best databases and the best resources. They can help you find statistics, quotations and other material to support your thesis.

Your job is to ASK for help!! And there are several ways to do this:

  • If you need a fact or a quote, use email
  • If you want  in-depth guidance on how to start research, go to the Reference Desk and talk to a librarian 
  • If time is precious and pressing, schedule a research consultation by calling 570-372-4160 or 570-372-4459. You will have the undivided attention of a professional librarian who really wants to help you.

Librarians like to find information. They like to match it to the people who need it. They enjoy the search for information and hope that others will enjoy it too. Work with them. Talk to them. Learn from them.

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