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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew the materials I have checked out online?

Access the Library Catalog and click on “My Account” on the grey bar. This will take you to an options screen where you choose “Renew my Materials.” It will then ask for your library ID (Student ID number) and your PIN. (Library PIN numbers were emailed to most students at the beginning of the semester. If you don’t know your PIN, or lost it, call the circulation desk at 570-372-4319 or contact Stephanie Thomas.) 

Where can I access the catalog in the library without logging on to a computer?

There are three computers designated as “guest computers” for access to the library catalog and electronic databases. The locations are the following:

Lower Level: Media center
First Floor: Behind the reference desk
Second Floor: Next to the elevator

What is compact shelving?

Compact shelving is where books are shelved that aren’t checked out very often and are dated pre-1970. These books can be checked out for four weeks. The compact shelves are located in the lower level toward the front of the library. Just turn left at the bottom of the stairs. These shelves are electronically powered, with instructions for operation displayed on each unit. If you need any help operating the shelves, ask for help at the reference or circulation desk.

Where do I place a book I used while in the library after I'm done with it?

Books can be placed on any one of the book carts located on each floor so trained student employees can reshelve them correctly. The library staff is very happy to reshelve library materials.

How can I rent a library locker?

Library lockers are available only to students who plan to use the library and materials for an extended period of time and wish not to transport research materials daily. A $10 key deposit is required and refunded upon return of the key. Please contact Susan Musser, administrative assistant.  

How can I request an article or a book that the library does not have?

Use the interlibrary loan service known as ILLiad. You will be notified by e-mail when your materials arrive. There is a link to the service on the library’s home page. First time users of ILLiad will need to register before submitting a request. 

How do I know which online database to use for my research?

Start by using Summon, or web-scale knowledge finder. By typing in a keyword, the system will check a wide range of databases and report the found results in one list. You can also specify what subject you would like to search as well, each offering a variety of different databases. Otherwise, choose your subject from the Databases by Subject list on the Library's home page.  A list of appropriate databases for your subject will be suggested. 

What if I have more questions?

You can Ask-a-Librarian.

The library staff is also eager to help you.

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