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Greetings from the Blough-Weis Library!

The Library has digitized many items from the university archives which we hope will be of interest to you.  There are also early texts from the Pennsylvania Room and the Jane Apple Rare Books Room, including some in French or Pennsylvania German.

Susquehanna University at Archive.org

Here you'll find the SU Lanthorn (yearbooks), SU Studies, the Susquehanna Alumnus from 1931 to 2004, Susquehanna Today, Susquehanna Currents, SU Bulletins (course catalogs), sermons and other writings by the Rev. Raymond "Padre" Shaheen, and much more.

Hint: Select "Browse by Subject / Keywords" in the "Welcome to Susquehanna University" section for a list by subject of digitized SU items.

Here are direct links to two of the larger SU collections within Archive.org:

The Lanthorn: Digitized Susquehanna Yearbooks. SU Lanthorns are available online from 1898 through 2010!

The Crusader and Prior SU Student Newspapers. The student newspaper began publication in 1891. Title changes are: Institute Journal (1891-1895); Susquehanna Journal (1895-1896); The Susquehanna (1896-1959); The Crusader (1959-date). Issues are grouped by academic year, which often varied.

Susquehanna University's history in digital images

Susquehanna University 1857-1894 Collection
Susquehanna University 1895-1939 Collection 
Susquehanna University 1940-1949 Collection
Susquehanna University 1950-1959 Collection
Susquehanna University 1960-1969 Collection
Susquehanna University 1970-1979 Collection
Susquehanna University 1980-1989 Collection
Susquehanna University 1990-1999 Collection
Susquehanna University 2000-2009 Collection

Other Susquehanna University Image Resources

Thomas F. Dornblaser Collection
E. C. Smeed Collection

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