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Marcos Krieger, D.M.A.

Assistant Professor | Music


I was very blessed to have studied with very kind, very knowledgeable teachers who inspired me in so many ways. Now it’s my turn to pass on my knowledge!

One of the most important lessons I learned is that while we are always striving for excellence, we cannot charge students with perfection because none of us are perfect. As teachers, we can only offer encouragement and support while we strive to bring out the best in each of our students.

I teach obscure periods of music—Renaissance and Baroque. Yet I’ve seen students embrace this music and dedicate their lives to it. I have made converts! I feel very fortunate to have good instruments here at Susquehanna. The Möller organ in Weber Chapel and the Dobson organ in Horn Meditation Chapel allow me to teach with instruments that are appropriate for different musical styles and historical periods we are studying!

Every music student has different goals. Not everyone will—or wants to—perform in large concert halls. That’s why it’s important to help young musicians put things in perspective. It allows them to make improvements and enjoy what they are doing.

I have a responsibility to teach students more than just technical skills and facts. I want to help them develop new ways of thinking, and make them aware of what they are doing and why. And how they could change it if they wanted to.

Personal attention is the hallmark of the teaching approach at Susquehanna. We try very hard to accommodate our students, and address what is going on in their lives. Full professors teach classes and give lessons. This is so different from the large universities, where teaching assistants are in the front of the classroom.

There’s a nurturing environment here that fosters creativity and supports intellectual growth. Everyone knows everyone. For example, when a student gives a recital, the hall is always full. It’s very much a family atmosphere.

It’s truly wonderful to watch students progress throughout their academic careers. They work hard. They gain confidence. They become accomplished. Year after year, in student after student, the transformation is remarkable! And for a teacher, this is very satisfying!

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