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Michele DeMary, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science, Prelaw Adviser

I consider myself lucky to be a teacher here at SU, especially because I get to teach material that is so engaging. Not only is political science important to understanding the world around us but it is also a great tool to get students to think creatively and to ask questions. These skills are essential to a successful life after graduation.

Politics and government touch our daily lives in so many ways that it’s always possible to help students connect what we study with their world. Students who might never have given a thought to the Supreme Court are suddenly interested when they realize the justices are going to have a say in how they download music or access books or even pay their credit card bills.

I’ve done a lot of my research and writing on the courts, so my natural interest in the law fits well with my role as the prelaw advisor. But the thing I like best about advising is the same thing I like best about SU is the collegial atmosphere of this small school. Both the scale and the pace of life here give me the chance to get to know and help students and also to learn from my faculty peers. I may not share subject matter with a chemistry professor, but we can certainly talk about better ways to reach students.

At the same time SU is large enough to accommodate all kinds of student interests; it seems there’s a club or group for just about anything, and if there isn’t, anybody can start one. All of this means there are lots of leadership opportunities for students, whether they’re in big organizations like student government or small clubs that are just getting off the ground. All of that energy carries over to academics, too; there are plenty of undergrads here doing work that approaches the graduate student level.

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