CMENC Constitution and Bylaws

(Updated Yearly)

I. Reason for Policy

A. To create a more functional and professional organization

B. To ready the members for future requirements in the professional teaching field

C. To build and document the professional development arsenal of each individual member

II. Requirements

A. Attend 80% of meetings

1. A calendar of all meetings and events will be distributed at the first meeting of the semester.

2. There will be at least four meetings each

B. Attend at least one conference during the academic year.

1. PMEA Conference

Will be held in Erie, Pennsylvania,
April 17-20, 2013.

2. PCMEA Conference

November 3rd at Bucknell University

C. Attend at least two service events during the academic year.

1. Market Street Festival

a. During the Fall 2012 semester, CMENC will host an instrument-making table at the annual Market Street Festival.

b. Members will sign up for shifts at the table prior to the festival.

2. Wreath for the Selinsgrove Library

a. Each December, CMENC designs a wreath in accordance to a theme. The theme is chosen from a music-related children’s book.

b. Members will volunteer to design and create the wreath.

3. Practice-a-Thon

a. Each spring, the Midd-West school district hosts a Practice-a-Thon for its music students.

b. Members of CMENC volunteer to help at the Practice-a-Thon.

4. Fundraiser for a Music Camp Scholarship

a. This year, CMENC will be hosting a fundraiser to send a young musician to the Central Oak
Heights Middle School Summer Music Camp.

5. Harvest Jamboree

a. The Prep Program runs a Harvest Jamboree every fall.

b. CMENC helps with the instrument petting zoo & shaker-making station.

c. This is organized by the Fall Senior Class Representative.

6. Children's Health Fair

a. Each spring there is a Children's Health Fair where CMENC volunteers

b. CMENC's participation will be organized by the Spring Senior Class Representative

III. Policy for Credit

A. To receive credit for each of the requirements the
member must:

1. Sign in at the completion of each meeting and event. If the event is divided into shifts, the member must sign in at the end of his or her shift.

2. It is the member’s responsibility to make sure he or she has received the appropriate ‘credit’ for every event in which he or she participates.

B. A master spreadsheet will be compiled, displaying the credits earned by each member.

This spreadsheet will be readily available for members, so they may update themselves on their progress.

IV. Certificate and its Reception

A. Professional Development

1. At the end of each academic year, each member will have a documented listing of his or her professional development events for the year.

2. This documentation will provide information for a senior portfolio, job interview, and graduate school.

B. Music Education Night

1. At the end of the academic year, CMENC will hold a small ceremony to disperse different awards for recognizable accomplishments.

2. This event will provide for an awards ceremony, a “fun” recital, and a display of the freshmen research projects and the senior portfolios.

This policy for Professional Development through the Susquehanna University chapter of CMENC will be instated for the first time during the 2009-2010 Academic Year.