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At Susquehanna, science is booming. Enrollment of laboratory science majors is projected to increase to 250 students, an increase of 66 percent over the last two decades.

To meet this need, Susquehanna broke ground in 2008 on a monumental project—the construction of a new science building. Today, the 81,000-square-foot facility is transforming teaching and learning on campus.

Situated across University Avenue from Seibert Hall and Fisher Science Hall, the new $32 million complex houses Susquehanna’s biology, chemistry, and earth and environmental science programs. From its roof-top greenhouse to its lower level, where visitors can view real-time information about the building’s energy consumption, the building is a model of sustainability—one that has received silver certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

But even more remarkable is what is occurring between the roof and the basement. The building has only two traditional classrooms, with the remaining square footage carved into laboratory-style work spaces.

This new environment enhances one of the hallmarks of a Susquehanna education—the collaborative learning that occurs between students and faculty, in small groups or pairs. That’s particularly true of the sciences, where every science major does at least one full year of collaborative research—an uncommon opportunity at the undergraduate level.

And sciences at Susquehanna are not just for science majors. All Susquehanna students, regardless of their majors, study science. We believe science is a cornerstone of a complete education, and scientific literacy is an essential life skill.

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