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SU Rolls Out Emergency Notification System

June 21, 2007

SELINSGROVE, (Pa.) - As part of its continuing efforts to ensure the safety and security of its community of teachers and learners, Susquehanna University is encouraging its students, faculty and staff to subscribe to a newly developed Short Message Service (SMS). The SMS, which is part of a new comprehensive crisis management plan developed by the university, is designed to notify subscribers to emergency situations via a text message on their cellular telephones. In addition, subscribers can choose to have alerts sent to them via e-mail.

"Crises can occur at anytime, anywhere, and, with the implementation of a short message service, Susquehanna has taken a tremendous step forward in its proactive approach to emergency management," said Tom Rambo, associate dean of students and director of public safety.

The SMS is powered by e2Campus, a Web-based mass notification system that sends instant alerts to faculty, students and staff all at once from one easy-to-use interface. "The Virginia Tech tragedy is just one example of the need for this kind of timely, institution-wide communication. It's an issue faced by all colleges and universities. In today's high tech world, students rely on e-mail, cell phones and the Web for their information far more frequently than they do land line communications. In fact, many students do not utilize the telephone service provided by their institutions of higher education, and if they do, there is no guarantee they will be in their rooms to receive a message," Rambo explained.

"By implementing this system, the university is increasing the odds that individuals on campus will receive time-sensitive messages, should an emergency arise," he said.

Contact: Victoria Kidd


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