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SU Receives Grant for Study Abroad Scholarships

Feb. 4, 2008

SELINSGROVE, ( Pa. ) – Susquehanna University has received a grant from the Institute for Study Abroad Foundation (IFSA) to create a new scholarship program for the 2008-09 and 2009-10 academic years. The program, Study Abroad off the Beaten Path, will award up to $3,500 toward travel expenses for six Susquehanna students per semester to participate in study abroad programs in Asia, Africa or Latin America.

In return for the scholarship, recipients are expected to “give back” by reporting on their experiences or promoting the program after their return to the Susquehanna campus. The IFSA grant takes its place among other funding opportunities available to Susquehanna students, allowing them to take full advantage of a curriculum requirement unique to higher education.

The university's new central curriculum requires all students to participate in a cross-cultural experience and complete a reflective course to help them process that experience. The central curriculum is structured so that two of its other requirements – a diversity-intensive course and increased foreign language proficiency – will complement students' cross-cultural experiences. The new curriculum took effect optionally for incoming students last fall. Full implementation is expected in fall 2009. The deadline for applying for fall 2008 IFSA scholarships is Feb. 22.

Contact: Gerald Cohen


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