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SU Professor to Attend Seminar on Liberal Education

April 24, 2008

Susquehanna University Associate Professor of English Laurence Roth has been selected from a national pool of applicants to attend Twenty-first Century Liberal Education, a seminar in late July at Transylvania University in Lexington, Ky. Roth was nominated to represent Susquehanna by agreement among the university's deans and the provost, then selected by Transylvania and their Liberal Education Committee from a national pool of applicants.

"This is the second year that SU has been invited to submit an application," said Linda McMillin, provost and dean of the faculty. "I am very pleased that Laurence was accepted. He will have much to contribute to the seminar and I look forward to the ideas he will bring back to colleagues here."

Roth will join 14 other scholars participating in the seminar, which seeks to contribute to a national conversation on the mission of the liberal arts college in 21st century America. The participants will focus on the following questions: What is liberal education? What is its purpose? What is it good for? What is good teaching in the context of liberal education?

The seminar will provide a historical overview of differing, yet interrelated, intellectual traditions through the ages-from the cultivation of human excellence in classical Greece and Rome, to the seven liberal arts of the Middle Ages (grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, music, geometry and astronomy), the training of the "Christian gentleman" in early America and the formation of the democratic and global citizen in the contemporary period.

Participants also will be asked to consider the application of liberal education principles to enhance their effectiveness as college and university teachers-in the classroom, in the preparation of course offerings and in the construction of curricula at their academic institutions.

Contact: Gerald Cohen


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