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Learning Assessment Collaborative Awarded $300,000 Grant

July 14, 2006

SELINSGROVE, (Pa.) – Susquehanna University and its partner institutions, Moravian College, Drew University, Muhlenberg College and Roanoke College, have joined together in a collaborative effort to explore what and how students learn. They will examine how effective select programs are in attaining program-specific goals, as well as the broader liberal arts goal of educating students to be active and intentional learners, capable of incorporating different kinds of information in a variety of contexts for seemingly dissimilar purposes. Titled “Value-Added Assessment of Programs of Intense Student-Faculty Interaction: Developing Intentional Learners,” this three-year project is being funded by a $300,000 grant from the Teagle Foundation.

As part of the study, the institutions will develop tools to assess various programs of intense student-faculty interaction. At Susquehanna University, assessment will focus on its first-year core courses and senior capstone projects. Moravian College will examine its lower and upper level writing-intensive courses. Drew University will concentrate on its first-year seminars; Muhlenberg on its capstone courses and student-faculty research, and Roanoke on its freshmen orientation and first-year seminars.

The groundwork for this study was laid last year when the Teagle Foundation awarded the collaborative $25,000 to develop interactive assessment expertise and specific questions that the institutions wish to answer through value-added assessment. The end result was the formulation of methodologies that will now be used to assess the designated programs of intense student-faculty interaction.

The Teagle Foundation is funding this collaborative study as part of its Outcomes and Assessment initiative, an outgrowth of the foundation’s principle that a sustained and systematic assessment of what and how students learn has the greatest potential of affecting their educational experience. The Teagle Foundation is committed to promoting and strengthening liberal arts education through collaboration among institutions seeking to develop new knowledge on issues important to higher education and sharing that information with the higher education community at large.

Contact: Victoria Kidd


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