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U.S. News & World Report Releases College Rankings

August 18, 2006

SELINSGROVE, (Pa.) – The latest college rankings by U.S. News & World Report place Susquehanna University among the top 110 liberal arts colleges in the country. 

“The national liberal arts colleges are the best schools for undergraduate learning in the U.S. and we are delighted that Susquehanna is recognized as such,” said university president L. Jay Lemons. “It is a tribute to the faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the university who all contribute to its success.”

“One of Susquehanna's distinctions is the range of academic choices it offers students, which includes excellent arts and sciences programs in addition to strong professional programs in areas like business, music and communications,” said university provost Linda McMillin. “You don't find many other liberal arts colleges that provide that type of balance.”

For seven straight years (1995-2001), Susquehanna was ranked in U.S. News's “America 's Best Colleges” guidebook as the #1 regional liberal arts college in the northeastern United States. Then the 2002 edition of the guidebook advanced the university into the national category. The top three institutions heading that list this year are Williams, Amherst and Swarthmore colleges.  

College rankings have been criticized at times by the higher education community due to the difficulty in measuring the totality of a student's educational experience and the emphasis often placed on reputation.

“Given that U.S. News bases a full 25 percent of a school's ranking on its reputation as perceived by other colleges in its category, schools like Susquehanna that don't enjoy national name recognition can be disadvantaged to some degree,” said McMillin. “Annual guides like this one can be useful, but the best way to judge whether a college is the right fit, is to visit the campus.”

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