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SU Graduate in New Disney Film

August 25, 2006

SELINSGROVE, (Pa.) – College football star Mark Bartosic, a 2003 graduate of Susquehanna University and a native of Sunbury, Pa., made the cut in the new Walt Disney Pictures film, Invincible. In the film, which opens nationwide Friday, August 25, Bartosic plays a New York Giants football player named Walker Gillette. He also appears in several scenes as a stand-in.

In the uncut version of the film, Bartosic also played a rookie with speaking lines. The scene was ultimately cut in the editing process, but movie goers can still see Bartosic in action, both on and off the field. Look for him decked out in 1970s attire in an Eagles locker room scene and on the field playing Gillette.

“I actually catch a touch down in a scene toward the end of the movie,” Bartosic says.

He also plays No. 7 during a Philadelphia Eagles training camp scene. It's a setting in which he is quite familiar. After graduating from Susquehanna University, Bartosic attended just such a camp and was signed on as a free agent with the Eagles for a short time. He later signed on as a free agent with the New England Patriots and was allocated to NFL Europe for a year.

After his release from the Patriots, Bartosic went to Wilmington, Del., with his brother. It was there that he heard about open tryouts for the movie being held in Philadelphia. He received the news late in the casting process, but when the casting crew saw his resume, they called him in for an audition. Bartosic says he “just happened to be in the right place at the right time,” but as the first NCAA football player in any division to record four consecutive 1,000-yard receiving seasons, he was a shoo-in for the movie.

Invincible, starring Mark Wahlberg is the true life story of Vince Papale. The film has been hailed as the “ultimate underdog story.” In 1976, Papale was a 30-year-old, out-of-work school teacher who attended open tryouts for the Philadelphia Eagles and beat all odds to make the team.

Since filming Invincible, Bartosic has done some smaller roles in independent films and even landed a scene with Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 6 . While professional football is still a career option for him, Bartosic is now living in Los Angeles, Calif. , and seeking a talent agent to help him further his acting career.

Contact: Victoria Kidd


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