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For the Media

Media Relations

The office manages the university's relationship with local, regional and national news media and produces news and information about events, people and activities at the university. A key focus is promoting the expertise of faculty and key staff, and student achievements through an extensive hometown news program.

University Communications develops and markets news articles and story ideas to local, regional and major media, assists with media interviews, helps prepare guest opinion columns and connects news media with campus experts. News media interested in on-campus interviews must contact University Communications in advance to make arrangements. Contacts are Angela Burrows and Betsy Robertson.

Faculty/Staff Experts

University Communications often receives queries from members of the media seeking expert comment on anything from tax legislation to political issues to trends in student recruitment. Part of our job is to find a suitable match for these queries among Susquehanna faculty and staff. To assist in the process we maintain an Experts Guide, which lists names of campus sources and their areas of expertise. We not only react to media requests but often proactively inform them of a university expert who is willing to comment on an emerging news topic. Members of the campus community interested in participating in the Experts Guide are encouraged to contact Betsy Robertson.

Sports Publicity

The athletics communication information office is responsible for publicity of the university's 23 varsity sports programs through publications, press releases, interview requests and the athletics website. Katie Meier is the contact.

Student assistants gain significant experience in writing and public relations through staffing and reporting on athletic events and by involvement in an active sports hometown release program. In addition, updates on current events are available at: 


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