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Susquehanna Will Use New Smartphone App to Enhance Safety

Published on October 2, 2012

Students, faculty and staff at Susquehanna can now help thwart crime with theirEmergenSee app smartphones, thanks to a new program being tested in October. The Office of Public Safety has invested in EmergenSee, an innovative application that allows users to record and report misconduct on campus. Anyone who encounters a crime in progress can launch the EmergenSee app on his or her smartphone. Within seconds, the public safety office is provided with live video, audio and the GPS location of the crime, and officers are dispatched to the area to stop the misconduct and ensure the safety of the person reporting the crime.

Only a handful of colleges offer EmergenSee to their campus communities. “We’re on the cutting edge with this program,” said Tom Rambo, assistant vice president for student life and director of public safety. “It puts a blue-light phone and closed-circuit TV camera in the hands of users. We can get real-time information if it’s used properly, which will aid in our response to incidents. Officers will understand what is happening prior to their arrival on the scene.”

EmergenSee is free and available to the entire Susquehanna community, including parents of current students.


Victoria Kidd


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