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Susquehanna Ranks Among Top 40 in Study-Abroad Survey

Published on November 12, 2012

GO ProgramsSusquehanna University had more students studying abroad during the 2010–11 academic year than most undergraduate-only institutions in the nation. According to the Open Doors 2012 annual report on student mobility, released Nov. 12 by the Institute of International Education, Susquehanna ranked in the top 40 among all baccalaureate schools in the United States.

The university’s new central curriculum includes the Global Opportunities (GO) requirement. With the addition of GO, Susquehanna is among only a handful of schools to mandate a study-away experience for all students and is the only institution that requires a post-travel course in which students reflect on how that experience changed them. In the three years since the launch of the GO program, nearly 700 students have either traveled to, or will be visiting, countries on six of the seven continents.

During the year immediately prior to the GO requirement, 30 percent of Susquehanna students studied abroad. With the addition of GO, 100 percent of SU students have had, or will have, a study-away experience in a culture other than their own. The vast majority of students study in another country.

This comes at a time when growth in the number of Americans studying abroad nearly stalled, according to the Nov. 12 edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Acknowledging that the economic woes plaguing the United States and other economies likely influenced the study-abroad numbers, The Chronicle also noted the challenges faced by most colleges and universities in making study abroad an integral part of the college experience.

The GO program has set Susquehanna apart by ensuring an integration of the cross-cultural experience and the broader academic program, which is critical for students to succeed in an increasingly global economy.


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