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Susquehanna University Announces New Major In Neuroscience

Published on February 26, 2014

Susquehanna University has created a new Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience, a fast-growing interdisciplinary field that combines the strengths of the biology, chemistry and psychology departments.Neuroscience Program The new degree program is now accepting applications for fall 2014.

“Susquehanna has recently added a neuroscience major to its list of 50-plus majors, reflecting the growing importance of this interdisciplinary field, which blends the approaches of biology, psychology and chemistry to study the function of the brain and its role in governing behavior,” says Margaret Peeler, head of the biology department and co-coordinator of the neuroscience program.

Graduates of the program will be competitive for advanced degrees and careers in neurobiology, behavioral neuroscience, biopsychology, medicine and health care, veterinary science and clinical psychology. The program can also prepare for employment in related fields such as pharmaceuticals, biomedical research and biotechnology.

“Our neuroscience program is more flexible than many,” says Michael Smith, head of the psychology department and co-coordinator for the neuroscience program. “It’s designed both for students interested in neuroscientific research or graduate school and for students who might be interested in applied careers in clinical neuroscience.”

Students will enjoy research opportunities and hands-on neuroscience lab experience. The program concludes with a full academic year of experimental investigation in collaboration with a faculty mentor. Faculty members are currently engaged in a broad range of research, including: neurobiological bases of learning and memory, chemical cues and animal behavior, experimental analysis of memory, and gestational nutrition and its effects on the brain, endocrine system and behavior.

The new degree offering builds on an established neuroscience program at Susquehanna; students have previously been able to self-design their own neuroscience degree.

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