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Graphic Design Major Taps Into Creativity in Florence

Published on July 18, 2014

• Susquehanna prepares students for stepping into professional firm

Susquehanna University's Alex Wilson at Studio KmzeroAlex Wilson is a creative guy. He’s also driven. Given the chance, Wilson, a Susquehanna University graphic design major, naturally accepted an internship with Studio Kmzero while on his Global Opportunities (GO) experience in Florence, Italy. The five weeks flew by for this rising senior from Morristown, N.J. and his experiences provided him insight into Italian culture, while enabling him to work with a professional design firm.

Tell us about your internship:

“I worked alongside the owners of Kmzero—a graphic design, new media and digital art firm in Florence—and bounced ideas off of them. They showed me how to design craftsman typefaces and they gave me a program to do the layout of the individual letters. I had never worked this much with typefaces and it was interesting working on this for the first time.”

How has Susquehanna prepared you?

“Being a graphic design major at Susquehanna definitely got me to the level of knowledge and skill I needed to get into this internship. I really believe I wouldn’t have been able to get into the internship if I hadn’t been trained as well as I was at Susquehanna. I met a large number of graphic design students, and I looked at some of their work. Our work is miles ahead of theirs in terms of software skills and also the concept generation. I can see myself being more than ready by the end of my senior year to step right into the workforce.”

What is it like being an artist and living in Florence?

Alex Wilson in Venice“It’s fantastic because there’s art everywhere around you. No matter where you walk, you’ll see something you want to sketch. It could be an ancient building or picturesque alleyway—there’s inspiration around every corner.

“The culture in Italy and Europe in general is to grow up speaking different languages because their country is surrounded by others with different languages. They understand we don’t have that same culture in America and they wanted to help me learn as much Italian as possible. I was very fortunate that they were so friendly and open to an American. I can see myself living in Florence after graduation.”

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