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Nina Tober, D.M.A.

Associate Professor | Music


I am fascinated by the human voice, how it works and sounds. We all have a similar anatomy, yet every voice and every person is unique. It’s exciting to work with 18-22 year olds, because their voices are just beginning to mature and are so ripe for training.

During the audition process, we interview many talented students. Some reveal such advanced capability that I can’t wait to work with them. But there are others who surprise me after one lesson or after a year or longer!

Teaching is very much a learning experience for me. Every day—every student—brings different rewards. My role is to guide and mentor students in ways that help them become the strongest performers they can be, both musically and personally, and to serve as a role model of artistic commitment and achievement.

I love to listen, to perfect, and then to see the person emerge through their singing! It’s a thrill for me to watch students discover that they have ability beyond what they (and I) ever imagined.

My students are constantly inspiring me. As I see them grow, I am motivated to challenge myself by exploring new repertoire and maintaining a high level of performance. My work is intertwined with theirs.

I’m proud of the fact that I have been a successful performer and that I still have the privilege and opportunity to perform challenging and beautiful music in venues both at home and abroad. I’m equally proud to say that I helped to bring opera back to our department, and that solo performance has become an integral part of our department’s offerings, serving as a complement to the wonderful programs presented by our larger ensembles. Overall there is an abundance of opportunities for singers who wish to explore a variety of musical styles.

It’s very rewarding to see my current and former students receiving accolades on stages in the U.S. and Europe. Others are pursuing rewarding careers as teachers, music therapists and recording artists. I am exceedingly proud of all of their accomplishments and am gratified to know that the foundation of their success began here at Susquehanna.

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