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Student Accounts

Susquehanna University’s Business Services Office is responsible for the billing and collection of tuition, fees, campus housing and other university-related charges.  We are located on the first floor of Selinsgrove Hall.

Remittance may be made by:

  1. Credit card or electronic check. Visit the secure payment site at http://www.ecsi.net/gateway/susqu2.html. Service fees apply for credit or debit card payments. Electronic check payments are processed with no fees.
  2. Check, payable to Susquehanna University, and addressed to Susquehanna University, P.O. Box 116, Selinsgrove, PA 17870-0116.
  3. International students should submit their payment at this secure site: susqu.peertransfer.com.

Susquehanna University does not mail paper statements to the student's home address. Students are responsible for obtaining and viewing their bills electronically. Failure to do so could result in past due balances, interest charges and financial holds on student accounts.

Student accounts that have not been paid in full are placed on a "Business Office Hold".  This hold prohibits students from registering, preregistering or dropping semester courses. Transcript requests also are denied if a financial hold is active on the student's account.

All tuition bills must be paid in full by the designated semester due date.

Student whose accounts have not been paid in full may not register for or attend classes. No student will receive any degree or transcript until all financial accounts with the university have been paid in full. Failure to meet financial obligations will result in the denial of registration privileges and participation in the campus housing lottery as well as the accrual of interest fees and the potential incurrence of collection and legal costs. Students will be notified by the Bursar of denial to participate in the privileges listed above.

A student wishing to appeal the denial of privileges listed above, should mail a letter of appeal to Vice President for Finance, Susquehanna University, 514 University Ave., Selinsgrove, PA 17870. Any appeal must be in writing and be received no later than Oct. 16, 2015 for spring 2016 registration and March 3, 2016 for fall 2016 registration.


Student statements are made available the first week of each month through ECSI's web-based electronic statement site.  For more information and instruction on electronic statements, refer to the "Billing Information" section. 

In addition to electronic statements, students are also able to view personal tuition account information via “My Account Summary” after logging into mySU.

Please Contact Our Office at:

570-372-4060 or by email  business_services@susqu.edu

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