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Photo of Rhelda E. Brown Rhelda E. Brown
Mailroom Manager
Phone: 570-372-4231
Email: rhebrown@susqu.edu
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Roger P. Graham
Printing Services Manager
Phone: 570-372-4105
Email: grahamr@susqu.edu
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Lori H. Jenkins
Mail Services Assistant
Phone: 570-372-4701
Email: jenkinsl@susqu.edu
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Photo of Tami T. Long Tami T. Long
General Services Assistant
Phone: 570-372-4105
Email: longtami@susqu.edu
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Photo of Sherri Ann Miller Sherri Ann Miller
Mail Services Coordinator
Phone: 570-372-4701
Email: millersherri@susqu.edu
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Photo of Brenda S. Mull Brenda S. Mull
Director of Event Management
Director of General Services
Phone: 570-372-4451
Email: mullb@susqu.edu
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Architectural Image of a Susquehanna University Building

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