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Anne Doctor
Adjunct Faculty Dance
Music Prep - Temp
Phone: 570-372-4300
Email: doctor@susqu.edu
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Photo of Joe Herb Joe Herb
Director of Institute for Life Long Learning
Phone: 570-372-4354
Email: herb@susqu.edu
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Photo of Scott D. Hollenbach Scott D. Hollenbach
Associate Director of Event Management
Phone: 570-372-4169
Email: hollenba@susqu.edu
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Allison L. Houtz
Music Prep Teacher
Phone: 570-372-4281
Email: houtza@susqu.edu
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Photo of Ruth E. Hunter Ruth E. Hunter
Music Prep Teacher
Adjunct Faculty Music
Phone: 570-372-4281
Email: hunterruth@susqu.edu
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Photo of Mary J. Lippert-Coleman Mary J. Lippert-Coleman
Director, Music Preparatory Program
Music Prep Teacher
Phone: 570-372-4547
Email: lippertcoleman@susqu.edu
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Photo of Jayme L. Long Jayme L. Long
Administrative Assistant, Event Mgmt
Phone: 570-372-4354
Email: longj@susqu.edu
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Photo of Mary F. Markle Mary F. Markle
Office Assistant, Student Activities
CAEM Temporary Office Assistant
Phone: 570-372-4225
Email: marklem@susqu.edu
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Photo of Brenda S. Mull Brenda S. Mull
Director of Event Management
Director of General Services
Phone: 570-372-4451
Email: mullb@susqu.edu
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Photo of Mimi Rice Mimi Rice
Senshu Host
Phone: 570-372-4423
Email: mrice@susqu.edu
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Photo of Keelie E. Schock Keelie E. Schock
Associate Director of Event Management
Phone: 570-372-4237
Email: schock@susqu.edu
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Junko Torii
GO Program TOKYO
Senshu Summer Program Staff
Email: torii@susqu.edu
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Susie Weller
Music Prep Teacher
Email: wellerse@susqu.edu
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Rebecca Lynn Willoughby
Adjunct Faculty Film
CAEM Adjunct Faculty Intensive Summer
Phone: 570-372-4248
Email: willoughby@susqu.edu
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Susquehanna University Architecture

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