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Academic & Administrative Systems 

The Academic & Administrative Systems team manages technology and information that provides core services across the university. The foundational elements for these services include systems integration and support, implementation and configuration of physical, virtual and web-based Microsoft enterprise platforms and cloud-based environments.

The academic focus of the team is to assist faculty in effectively implementing technology in the classroom environment, finding innovative ways to use technology to achieve their teaching goals and maintaining systems and services that support the pedagogical mission of the university. They offer instructional training for new and existing faculty members and provide online student and faculty collaboration engines such as Moodle and Blackboard.

The administrative focus of the team is often tied to the analysis of and access to information with oversight for data integrity, quality and classification. They support the university’s core Ellucian systems including data reporting, warehousing and essential transactional systems for enrollment, student, business, academic and administrative areas. They streamline business processes through the analysis of university functional needs and configuration of technology that drives effectiveness and efficiency.

Event Technical Services

For events ranging from lectures to concerts, Event Technical Services coordinates all of the audio, video and technical production required to make these events successful. They also provide production and consulting for the Artist Series, Homecoming, Convocation and Commencement. This team is dedicated to providing the highest level of technical expertise to make any event run smoothly.

Technical Operations

The Technical Operations (Tech Ops) team is the unseen aspect of infrastructure that makes our onsite network possible. They handle the servers, phones systems, network security, the backup of university data, end user and department storage, and the university Internet connection. Tech Ops is responsible for the Network Control Center’s uninterruptable power supply, cabling and telecommunication circuits. They are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to serve and support our ever-growing university’s needs. Unified messaging, wireless solutions, network storage, and disaster recovery are just a few ways they serve the university’s present and future endeavors.

User Services

Are you curious about what you will need for school? Having issues with your software? Are your emails not being received? The Help Desk is specifically designed to assist students, faculty and staff in a time of need. They can also identify the best personal technology to invest in during your time at Susquehanna. They also make it possible for students to check out equipment such as digital projectors and camcorders. Faculty and staff can check out items such as laptops and smart devices. The Help Desk’s knowledgeable team consists of students and technology professionals with a wide range of experience and training. You can find the Help Desk in the lower level of the Blough Weis Library in room 03. You can also reach them at 570-372-4502.

Seibert Hall Architecture

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