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Tammy Lynne Arnold
Business Services Clerk
Phone: 570-372-4060
Email: arnoldt@susqu.edu
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Photo of Nicole A. Dailey Nicole A. Dailey
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Phone: 570-372-4122
Email: daileyn@susqu.edu
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Photo of Kathi R. Deckard Kathi R. Deckard
Accounts Payable Specialist
Phone: 570-372-4161
Email: deckard@susqu.edu
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Photo of Barbara E. Dennen Barbara E. Dennen
Manager of Financial Services
Phone: 570-372-4124
Email: dennenb@susqu.edu
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Photo of Christa K. Eberle Christa K. Eberle
Phone: 570-372-4126
Email: eberle@susqu.edu
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Susquehanna University Architecture

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