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Photo of Michael P. Eyer Michael P. Eyer
Network Service Technician
Phone: 570-372-4045
Email: eyer@susqu.edu
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Photo of Brady T. Gallese Brady T. Gallese
Help Desk Engineer
WQSU Seasonal Operations Manager
Adjunct Faculty Personal Development
Phone: 570-372-4470
Email: gallese@susqu.edu
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Tyler Scott Helwig
Junior Systems Administrator
Phone: 570-372-4569
Email: helwig@susqu.edu
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Photo of Steve Herrold Steve Herrold
Help Desk Service Administrator
Phone: 570-372-4246
Email: herrold@susqu.edu
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Weston S. Hoffman
Infrastructure Systems Administrator
Phone: 570-372-4294
Email: hoffmanw@susqu.edu
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Photo of Mark D. Huber Mark D. Huber
Chief Information Officer and Director of IT
Phone: 570-372-4247
Email: huber@susqu.edu
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Photo of Jeremy Irwin Jeremy Irwin
Systems Analyst
Phone: 570-372-4772
Email: irwinj@susqu.edu
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Photo of David Kelchner David Kelchner
Phone: 570-372-4546
Email: kelchner@susqu.edu
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Photo of Eric L. Knepp Eric L. Knepp
Webmaster/SQL Programmer
Phone: 570-372-4348
Email: knepp@susqu.edu
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Photo of Lee Kramer Lee Kramer
Help Desk Coordinator
Phone: 570-372-4252
Email: kramer@susqu.edu
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Photo of Eric G. Kurtz Eric G. Kurtz
Senior Systems Engineer
Phone: 570-372-4537
Email: kurtz@susqu.edu
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Megan McCarty
Junior Reporting Analyst
Phone: 570-372-4521
Email: mccartym@susqu.edu
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Photo of Sue Moyer Sue Moyer
Assistant to the CIO for Tech Admin
Phone: 570-372-4241
Email: smoyer@susqu.edu
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Photo of Rob Pickering Rob Pickering
Manager of Infrastructure and User Services
Phone: 570-372-4579
Email: pickering@susqu.edu
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Christopher Rhein
Help Desk Service Technician
Phone: 570-372-4507
Email: rhein@susqu.edu
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Photo of Michael Allen Smith Michael Allen Smith
Manager of Enterprise Services
Phone: 570-372-4789
Email: smithma@susqu.edu
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Photo of Marie E. Wagner Marie E. Wagner
Instructional Technologist and Project Portfolio Manager
Adjunct Faculty Personal Development
Adjunct Faculty Information Systems
Phone: 570-372-4512
Email: wagnerm@susqu.edu
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Seibert Hall Architecture

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