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Accessing Your Electronic Statement

In order to access your electronic statement through ECSI, you will need your Susquehanna University student identification number. This number can be obtained by logging into WebSU and accessing "My Profile."  Your Student identification number is not  the same as your USERNAME for WebSU. 

You will receive an email from ECSI which contains a link to your electronic statement. The email will be sent the first week of each month provided that there was billing or payment activity on your student account. Follow the link from your email (http://www.ecsi.net/gateway/susqu-ebep.html) to view your electronic statement. You will be asked for your account number, which is your student identification number.

After entering your identification number, click on the "Email My Password" link (first time only) and a temporary password will be emailed to you. Return to the electronic statement website and log in using the temporary password.

If at any time you forget your password, you are able to retrieve it by clicking http://www.ecsi.net/gateway/susqu-ebep.html then enter your Login ID and click on "Email My Password". 

Setting Up Additional Authorized Users

In addition to viewing your statement online, students are also able to authorize up to four additional email addresses to receive electronic statement notifications. This feature allows your parents, billing party or anyone of your choice to view your student account statements.

Simply log into the electronic statement site and select "eBill Settings." This will open a new page where you are able to enter additional email addresses for notifications of your electronic statements. As electronic statements become available, all registered email addresses will receive notification.

If you add additional users to view your electronic statements you will need to supply them with your Login ID and password information.

Electronic statements are generated monthly. Please note that the information listed on your statement is not "real time" data.  Students are able to view real-time account information through My Account Summary via WebSU.

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