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What technology services are available to students?
Susquehanna offers a broad range of services to assist students with their technological needs. The Information Technology (IT) Help Desk assists students who are having issues with their software and e-mail. The Advanced Technologies Team provides online student and faculty collaboration engines such as Moodle and Blackboard. Students can check out equipment such as digital projectors and camcorders through the Center for Advanced Technology (CAT). In addition, there are six computer labs on campus, including one with 24-hour access. Each of these labs is equipped with a printer, and printing is free. Windows Vista, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Project are some of the software that comes standard on our lab computers. A Mac lab is also available for students in design courses such as print advertising and graphic design. Because of the availability of computers around campus, it is not necessary to have your own computer. However, most students bring a personal computer to campus anyway.

Is a desktop or laptop computer recommended?
Should I buy a PC or a Mac?
What computer configuration is recommended?
What software is recommended? 
Do I need to bring a computer to campus?

Does my child need to bring a printer?
No. Susquehanna provides black-and-white laser printers in each computer lab, which are accessible from anywhere on campus via its local area network (LAN). There is no cost to print in the labs. Many students choose to bring their own color inkjet printer as an added convenience.

Is the campus wireless?
WiFi coverage is available on more than half of the SU campus. The Office of Information Technology continues to expand WiFi availability across campus. Currently network resources are not accessible through WiFi; only Internet is available.

Do we need to purchase anti-theft/security/insurance for computer equipment?
The Office of Information Technology recommends an anti-theft product called Computrace Lo Jack for laptops. It’s basically a high-tech tracking mechanism for laptops similar to Lo Jack for cars. There are different service packages. Get more information.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover student-owned assets while they are away at college, including assets physically located at the student’s college residence: such as a computer. Parents are encouraged to check with their insurance agent to verify the details of their plan. 

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