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University Philosophy Regarding the Role of Parents in Their Child’s Education

Susquehanna University believes parents should have a role in their children's education. For this reason, we believe it is appropriate to partner with parents so that together we can help students become independent thinkers and decision makers.

Of course, our primary relationship is with students. We prepare them for successful lives after graduation, guide them toward good decisions and help them learn from the outcomes of those decisions. We expect students to take primary responsibility for their education: They are accountable for fulfilling their academic requirements, meeting their financial obligations and adhering to the university's expectations for appropriate conduct.

Because parents and other family members know their students well, they can play an important role in supporting and advising students during these critical years. Parents can encourage and support students' development by discussing with them their needs, helping them become self-advocates and directing them toward the appropriate resources.

Our Parents Executive Board provides a great vehicle for interacting with other parents in this new enterprise of parenting from a distance, and are also ambassadors for the University serving in numerous volunteer roles. Over the course of students' undergraduate years, parents develop valuable insights about the Susquehanna experience. We encourage them to share their comments, questions and opinions with us. To help keep parents informed, we will use a variety of university publications, online communities and our Web site to communicate about university developments, policies and expectations.

Together, the university and parents can support the learning and success of our students.

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