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Pre-Ministry Program

Students Grow Through Faith and Service

Susquehanna’s pre-ministry program is the perfect way to explore church-related vocations. You may decide to become an ordained minister or a teacher. Or you may find that youth ministry, church music or parish administration is your passion. Whatever your interests, the pre-ministry program can help you discover your calling.

You can major in just about any field. Many students find a major in the humanities or social sciences to be a good fit.

What will you find in our pre-ministry program? Outstanding academics, individual advising and caring faculty mentors. You’ll also find lots of opportunities to serve God’s people on and off campus.

As the pre-ministry advisor, the Rev. Mark Wm. Radecke, D.Min., will counsel you about different career options and what you need to do to reach your goals. He and other faculty mentors in the religion and philosophy department encourage your intellectual and spiritual growth. They take a sincere interest in your faith journey and academic success.

Most ministerial vocations require graduate theological study at a seminary. Our pre-ministerial program is designed with that goal in mind. In fact, Susquehanna alumni have attained advanced degrees from numerous seminaries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and of other denominations.

Seminaries especially look for students who have leadership potential. With a student body of nearly 2,300 and over 100 clubs and organizations at Susquehanna, you can be involved every day of the week! Chapel Council, for example, coordinates activities of eight religious groups.

Twelve volunteer organizations, including Habitat for Humanity and Acts 29, are a huge part of Susquehanna’s tradition and culture. So too are the life-changing experiences found through SU CASA and other mission trips. All of these experiences increase leadership skills and personal growth, which will help prepare you for a life of faith and service.

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