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Sarah Dickerson '13

English and Philosophy

Plans after graduation:
After graduation, I plan to work and travel for a year before enrolling in graduate school to study rhetoric and composition with the intention of earning my Ph.D. and becoming a professor of rhetoric.

I plan to continue running after graduation--I am running my first marathon this September at the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio, with the hopes of qualifying to run the Boston Marathon next spring.

Cross Country, Track

About my major:
When I was a child, my mom read to me often, which is from where I suppose I gained my initial interest in literature. As I matured, so did this interest, so a major in English became the obvious choice for me. I decided to pursue a philosophy major as well after my freshman year when I took a philosophy class with Dr. Skitolsky in which I experienced both refreshing and alarming new perceptions on life and our world that I felt the necessity to continue in this field of study.

Favorite athletic memory:
My favorite memory as a Crusader was definitely winning the conference championship my first year of running cross country here in 2010. To be a part of a team that was as close and dedicated as the group of women we had then far outweighs the joy I felt from individual successes since then.

For a prospective SU student-athlete:
Obviously, as everyone will tell you, academics should always come first. College is entirely too important to not fully immerse yourself in your academic endeavor foremost: develop relationships with your professors, and you will be provided with opportunities for both academic and personal growth. This does not mean, however, that you cannot dedicate a few hours a day to a sport. It is simply necessary to properly budget your time.

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