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Seth Mosebey '03

Information Systems | Thompsontown, Pa.

“For me, choosing a school is about the fit. It has to be the right place,” says Seth Mosebey ’03. For Mosebey, the versatility of a Susquehanna education sparked opportunities he’d never even considered. Mosebey, who majored in information systems, never would have dreamed he’d one day return to Susquehanna to teach a political science course. Legal studies didn’t even cross his mind until the spring of his sophomore year, when he took a class with Michele DeMary, associate professor of political science. By junior year, after his second political science course with DeMary, Mosebey was hooked.

“Once I realized I had an interest, Dr. DeMary really helped me with keeping my options open,” says Mosebey. And he had plenty of options: Mosebey was accepted by all three of the law schools to which he applied. He opted to accept a three-year full-tuition scholarship from Penn State University’s Dickinson School of Law.

A fifth-year associate at Martson Law Offices in Carlisle, Pa., Mosebey returns to campus multiple times each week, serving as both an attorney coach for Susquehanna’s mock trial team and an adjunct faculty member with the Sigmund Weis School of Business.

As an adjunct, what Mosebey valued most was connecting in the classroom. “The interaction with the students was by far the most rewarding aspect. I really learned a lot from them,” he says.

Mosebey found himself learning to be a better communicator. “You really have to communicate effectively to convey the ideas, and they aren’t necessarily the easiest ideas,” he says. “There were times when I saw the blank looks in class and I knew I had to reformulate what I had said. I had to see what it looked like to them and then make adjustments.”

In turn, as the mock trial team’s attorney coach, Mosebey gave his students the tools they need to become effective communicators, helping them learn how to develop opening statements, closing arguments and everything in between. “I tried to bring a combination of practical experience and theoretical teaching into it,” he says.

Mosebey became involved with the mock trial team shortly after graduating from Dickinson when DeMary invited him to be the university’s attorney coach. Likewise, when DeMary needed someone to teach her American government and politics class during her sabbatical, she again turned to Mosebey.

Even in her absence, however, Mosebey still felt DeMary’s presence in the classroom. “Remembering the way that she taught the class definitely impacted the way I taught. There were times when I even pulled out my notebook from when I had the class a few years ago,” he says. “There’s no way I could ever replace what she does.”

It only takes Mosebey one word to describe the impact his Susquehanna professors have left on him: “Immeasurable.” For Mosebey, the learning opportunities created by Susquehanna’s passionate teaching make the university magnetic. He still finds himself reaping benefits from the time he puts in on campus. Susquehanna still feels like the right place.

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