About Us


J Lingle 2012 Clearfield, PA

"Sterling offers a genuine experience to students.  It gives them the ability to apply the knowledge they learned in the classroom and help local businesses and organizations while gaining first-hand experience."


Meghan Harvey 2011 West Chester, PA

"Sterling is by far the best way to practice your major in the public relations/ communications field.  Experience is what we need, and this is an ideal outlet for that."


Nicole Elliott 2011 Rochester, NY

"Sterling Communications is one of the most valuable experiences I will be taking away from college.  I have learned a great number of skills including tracking the billable hour, managing and working with a team and gaining valuable experience from working with real clients.  Over winter break I interned at an advertising agency, where all of my skills from working as an account manager were put to use while working on various projects.  This is a great opportunity for anyone going into marketing, public relations or advertising."


Jamie Hipple 2012 Robbinsville, NJ

"Sterling Communications has provided me with the unique opportunity to gain hands on experience of what it means to be involved in public relations.  I am in Sterling this year for the second semester and I already have developed so many communications, writing and thinking skills that have helped me succeed in all of my classes, as well as my extracurricular activities.  Sterling is a great program full of passionate an dedicated individuals.  I am confident that what I have gained as a member of Sterling will help me beyond my college career."