Brochures are a fantastic way to display and organize services and general information about your business. Items included in a brochure, but not limited to, are price listings, background information and upcoming events.
Cost = $20

Event Planning

Need ideas for what to do for an upcoming event? Let Sterling help you decide how to set up and coordinate an event or campaign. There are numerous types of events. They include festivals, ceremonies, parties, conventions, volunteer and employee recognition and fundraisers.
Cost = See Business and Creative Service Charges


Fundraising is the primary way that non-profit organizations obtain the money for their operations. Sterling can design and coordinate a fundraising campaign that fits your organizations needs.
Cost = See Business and Creative Service Charges


Stories, events and updates about your business are all items that you can incorporate into your newsletter. Newsletters are a popular way for businesses to communicate to clients or employees. These are a great addition for any company.
Cost = $30

Press Releases/News Releases

Promote your company's upcoming event in the form of a news release. A news release allows you to incorporate detailed information about your business using a journalistic approach. In the same manner press releases are a great way to make an announcement about an event, performance or newsworthy item that is distributed to members of the press in order to receive media coverage. Price includes writing and distribution to campus and local media outlets. For larger distribution arrangements costs are subject to change.
Cost = $10

Survey Research and Analysis

What better way to get the information that you want and need to determine your target audience than through survey research and analysis. Maybe you just want to gain some information about a particular product or idea, no better way of finding out than by surveying an audience. Pricing includes the survey creation, data collection and analysis.
Cost = $20 - $50+

Web Page Consulting

A company's Web site is the face of the organization to the outside world. Do not let your Web site ruin your company's reputation. Web sites portray everything a company has to offer ranging from products and services to company information. Sterling can help you design a simple or detailed Web site to meets your needs and wants.
Cost = See Business and Creative Service Charges


Flyers and posters are a great way to advertise your business and services. If you have something to say, why not have it posted it up for everyone to see! There are numerous locations designated for flyers and posters to be displayed allowing for your flyer/poster to be seen almost everywhere.
Cost = Creative Service Charge & Printing costs

Business Cards

No company is complete without its own business card. They are a portable and effective way to display your company's basic information. Allow Sterling to create a business card from scratch or have an already existing one refurbished.
Cost = See Creative Service Charge

Mailbox Coupons

Put information right in the hands of Susquehanna University students. Mailbox coupons, also known as mailbox stuffers, are put directly into students' mailboxes. It works wonderfully as a quick and effective way to advertise sales, discounts, events and much more! When advertising through campus mail, a special offer must be made to students. Pricing includes design and distribution.
Cost = $15

Printing expenses are an additional charge that need to be included in the final price

Hourly Rates:

Business Services
Business service rate includes services such as,
but not limited to, client meetings and administrative costs.

Creative Services
Creative service rate includes services such as,
but not limited to, design work, writing and creative work.
Cost = $10/hour

Creative service charges apply to all services where applicable