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Student Investment Program

Wall Street on University Avenue

The Susquehanna University Student Investment Program provides students who are interested in entering the fast-paced, competitive world of Wall Street the opportunity to acquire advanced financial and investment skills. The goal of the program is for students to gain expertise in an industry and learn to track investments in a sink-or-swim environment where they are constantly being evaluated, much like they would be on Wall Street. The experience comprises a series of relevant courses accompanied by real-world investment decisions managed in the Student Investment Center, a technologically equipped trading room with its own stock ticker.

Not Just For Finance Majors

Any student, from any major, who takes Corporate Finance is eligible to be invited into the program. Students who show aptitude and enthusiasm are interviewed, and a group of 12 to 15 students is selected to take the next course in the sequence, Applied Finance I. The top students in this class are essentially promoted from analysts to portfolio managers representing a dozen industries in Applied Finance II.

Builiding the Portfolio

Using their industry expertise, participating students form recommendations, and after following 100 companies, they recommend four from each industry for investment. Once the companies are selected, the students make preliminary presentations to other students and business school professors, and final presentations to an investment advisory council composed of Susquehanna’s vice president of finance, the dean of the Sigmund Weis School of Business and several business alumni. The council then evaluates the students’ recommendations and approves the stocks they will purchase.

Students Benefit from the Return on Investment

More than $150,000 was made available for investment the first year, including a portion provided by Susquehanna’s Student Government Association (SGA). Students will invest 10 to 15 percent of the fund each year, and each new group of students will be responsible for managing existing portfolios, as well as tracking new investments. Investments will be assessed over a four-year period, after which any profit earned from the SGA investment will be used to fund scholarships for the Global Opportunities (GO) program, the required cross-cultural experience that is now a part of the university’s Central Curriculum.

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