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Biology Club

Biology ClubThe Biology Club allows students who are interested in biology to gain educational experiences and interact with students outside the classroom. Through various activities, the club plays an active role in enhancing the biological and scientific education of Susquehanna students. The Biology Club holds bi-monthly meetings where members discuss biological issues and plan events. Each year, the club organizes a trip to a place of interest. A recent trip was to Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland and Virginia, where members explored plant and animal life.

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Student Prospective:

"Biology Club is a student run organization dedicated to providing the opportunity for students to grow in their passion for biology. We hold fundraisers several times a year to support more biological diversity on campus by planting new trees and fund club activities. Club activities include hikes, kayaking, and more.”

--Greta Castonguay '16 
Biology | Turner, Maine

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