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Collegiate Music Educators National Conference

The Collegiate Music Educators National Conference (CMENC) introduces students to the privileges and responsibilities of the music education profession through various events and activities. Susquehanna’s chapter of CMENC volunteers at festivals such asStudents attending music conference Selinsgrove’s annual Market Street Festival and Tree Fest. The organization holds regular meetings and hosts guest speakers who discuss various aspects of music education. CMENC members attend the annual Pennsylvania Music Educators Association In-Service Conference, as well as other national music education events.

Represented Majors:

Music Education

Student Perspective:

"CMENC gives music education majors certain experiences that we wouldn't necessarily get in a classroom setting. Through volunteer activities, a mentor/"buddy" system, conferences, workshops, and meetings, we not only get a chance to bond and connect with our fellow music education majors, but also network with other music educators in the state. "

—Annabelle Luebke '14
Music Education | Eldersburg, Md.

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National Organization Website


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