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Literature Club

Photo of club members by the river
Each week students gather to discuss literature, read from their favorite works, and plan literary-themed parties. On Halloween, students often dress as literary characters. The Literature Club also sponsors movie nights and open mic nights, and members take field trips to see plays and visit festivals such as the Renaissance Faire. The crowning event of the year is a trip to New York City—we see a play, visit a museum, browse through bookstores, and have dinner, even allowing time for independent exploration of the city. Randy Robertson, Ph.D., is the faculty adviser for the English Club.

Represented Majors:

Creative writing
Graphic design
Political science
Secondary education

Student Perspective:

"SU Literature Club is a very fun and laid-back organization. We read, we review books, we talk about books with our professors—it’s a relaxing way to make Tuesdays significantly more fun. We take trips all the time—to see plays and movies, to the Renaissance Faire, to Bucknell to hear poets like Anis Mojgani, to the Dodge Poetry Festival in New Jersey—and we throw parties and host open mics where students can read their own work. It’s all super low-key and friendly and open. All majors and walks of life are welcome, so long as you like to read and talk about it later."

-- Colin O'Donnell '15
Creative Writing | Baltimore, Md.

Organization Video

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