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Pre-Law Society

Pre-Law SocietyThe Pre-Law Society educates students about the law school process and various legal career options. The organization travels to law schools and to actual court settings in order for members to gain firsthand experiences. The Pre-Law Society’s general purpose is to help people who are interested in law find their niche and discover what it would take to get into the world of law.

Represented Majors:

Creative writing
Music education
Political science

Student Perspective:

"The Pre-Law Society serves as an integral stepping stone for those prospective students whose future endeavors will include the practice of law. The group provides students with the tools and information necessary to successfully complete the LSATs as well as the law school application process. Gaining insight from local attorneys and professionals within the field habitually reinforces the groups overall objective of producing knowledgeable and prepared future law school students."

— Bryon Chowka '13
Political Science, Legal Studies minor | Coal Township, Pa.

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