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Psychology Club

The Psychology Club provides students interested in psychology with opportunities to make connections with other students of similar interests while engaging in social, volunteer and educational activities related to the discipline. The club hosts guest speakers and organizes informational trips to mental hospitals and prisons. The organization also explores the area of psychology beyond the classroom by viewing films with themes relevant to the study of psychology and engaging in service activities. The club encourages members to become involved in the professional activities of psychologists, such as participating in research and attending psychology conferences.

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Student Perspective:

“Psych Club is one of the best clubs on campus. We meet for an hour each week, and it's always a great way to wind down at the end of the day. We play games and learn about new and exciting parts of the field of psychology. If you like laughing, challenging your brain, and eating cookies, Psych Club is definitely for you!"

 — Whitney Walsh ’14
Psychology |  Ambler, Pa.

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