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Sigma Gamma Rho

Sigma Gamma Rho SororityNickname: SGRho
Founded on: Nov. 12, 1922
Founded at SU in: 2008
Colors: Royal blue and antique gold
Mascot: French toy poodle
Motto: Greater service, greater progress
Service project: Operation Big Bookbag, Project for Africa, Project Wee Savers 

Student Perspective:

“I enjoy being a member of Sigma Gamma Rho because it is unlike any other organization on this campus. We have a purpose and great potential to make a change within the community. To new students who have the mindset of growth and positive change, I would recommend joining Sigma Gamma Rho because we present that positive change on Susquehanna’s campus very effectively.”

 — Morgan Lawrence ’10
Public Relations | Philadelphia, Pa.

Organization Video

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