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The Crusader

The Crusader is Susquehanna’s student-run newspaper.  The weekly newspaper covers campus events, activities and athletics, and provides a forum for the opinions of members of the campus community.  Students gain valuable experience and may earn credit working for the paper as practicum. Students also serve in leadership roles on the paper as members of the editorial board.

Represented Majors:

Creative Writing
Environmental Science

Student Perspective:

"The Crusader offers students an opportunity to develop their writing skills while getting an inside look on campus activities and events. No matter how you're involved in the Crusader, you get to meet new people and attend events that you might not have considered attending at first. For me, the Crusader was a way to immerse myself into campus life, build my portfolio, and make some lifelong friends."

— Elizabeth Tropp '13
Communications - Journalism | Pottsville, Pa.


Organization Website

Email: crusader@susqu.edu


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