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The Susquehanna Review

Writers for the Susquehanna Review literary journalThe Susquehanna Review is a literature journal that features the work of undergraduate writers from colleges and universities nationwide. This annually published literary magazine features many different genres of writing including fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction. The magazine also publishes photography and other artwork.  Students are invited to submit their work to The Susquehanna Review for consideration.

Represented Majors:

Creative Writing 

Student Perspective:

"I came to college learning about what it means to edit and publish, so I could do it in the future. Now, I'm organizing submissions, copy-editing drafts, communicating with writers, and actually publishing an undergraduate magazine. Being on the Susquehanna Review staff has provided me with professional experience under an accomplished mentor who inspires the entire staff to knock down personal and academic boundaries in order to create our one of a kind product."

-- Deb Gravina '14
Creative Writing-Secondary Education | Allendale, N.J.

Organization Website

Email: sureview@susqu.edu  

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