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SU Swings!

Swing dancing was a very important part of 20th century American culture, but it is still very relevant today. SU Swings seeks to show students how swing is accessible to everyone and can work with a diverse variety of musical styles. In addition to twice-weekly meetings, members travel to nearby colleges and swing communities for lessons and social dances. SU Swings hosts an annual sock hop in TRAX that combines traditional and modern music and also hosts a showcase/lesson in Charlie's. In March 2012, SU Swings won second place in a benefit talent showcase. Nearly all members join with no prior dance experience.

Represented Majors:

Creating writing

Student Perspective:

"One thing I really enjoy about swings is the close bond we all have with each other. As a club we're all excited to meet new people and include others in our activities which is something that really made me want to stay in the club.  This friendliness makes it easier to dance with people because we're all friends. On campus we're not dancing with strangers, we're dancing with friends that we'll keep for long after graduation."

— Michelle Coles '13
Creative Writing | South Burlington, Vt.

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