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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IV) has their large group meeting every Thursday at 9 p.m. in the Degenstein Meeting Rooms

IV is a group that is “striving to build an intentional community on a journey to celebrate, learn about, and grow in Jesus to spread the gospel experience to the larger community by the power of God."

Whether someone is well acquainted with what it means to be a Christian or just beginning to explore what that involves, IV offers its members an opportunity to gather and worship God. The weekly meetings often feature a speaker who discusses a passage of scripture or other relevant topic.

The group also hosts a weekly Bible study and gives members an opportunity to attend various conferences with other InterVarsity chapters in the area.

Represented Majors:

Creative writing
Early Childhood Education
International Studies
Music Performance
Political Science
Religious Studies

Student Perspective:

"I can't imagine my freshman year without InterVarsity. It's provided a type of fellowship I haven't experienced before, it's challenged me to grow in my faith, and it's introduced me to wonderful people. It's a very supportive, welcoming, and even fun environment."

— Megan McDermott '14
Creative Writing | Lewisberry, Pa.

"IV is a place to fellowship in an informal Christian setting. Life Group is a very cool way to talk about scripture and 'dial' God."

 — Mindy Danowski '14
Music Education | Philadelphia, Pa.


Organization Website

E-mail: intvarfel@susqu.edu

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