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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

IV club members posing with propsInterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IV) is an organization that seeks to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. The community of students involved in this chapter of IV develop their relationship with Jesus and one another through weekly large group gatherings, Bible studies, and other fun-filled events! IV is a community for Christians and non-Christian to explore who Jesus is, what He is about, and how He is involved in our lives.

Represented Majors:

Elementary education
Political science
Creative writing
Graphic design
Music education
Theatre production
Theatre performance

Student Perspective:

"I can't imagine my freshman year without InterVarsity. It's provided a type of fellowship I haven't experienced before, it's challenged me to grow in my faith, and it's introduced me to wonderful people. It's a very supportive, welcoming, and even fun environment."

— Megan McDermott '14
Creative Writing | Lewisberry, Pa.

"IV is a place to fellowship in an informal Christian setting. Life Group is a very cool way to talk about scripture and 'dial' God."

 — Mindy Danowski '14
Music Education | Philadelphia, Pa.


Organization Website

E-mail: intvarfel@susqu.edu

Organization Video

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