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Church-Related Careers Group

The Church-Related Careers Group is an organization for students who are interested in going into the ministry. At bi-weekly meetings, the organization hosts speakers and discussions on different areas of ministry. The group holds Lenten mid-week worship services for the entire campus and a spring break trip to various Lutheran seminaries. The group also participates in Chapel Council events such as retreats and the ultifaith gathering of Thanksgiving.

Represented Majors:

Creative writing
Music education
Political science

Student Perspective:

"I am a part of the Church-Related Careers Group because I'm discerning a call to ministry. It helps me discern my call by showing me all the various options and guiding me through the call process. We take discernment retreats, host speakers and give the opportunity to visit seminaries and lead worship. If you're discerning any type of call to ministry at all, the Church-Related Careers Group can be a very valuable asset to you. The group is small and tight-knit and you get to know people very well while learning more about yourself."

— Karen Ward ‘11
Religion  |  Pottsville, Pa.

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