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Student Awareness for the Value of the Environment (SAVE)

Student Awareness for the Value of the Environment (SAVE) is a service organization that works to overcome environmental issues on campus, in the surrounding community, and on state, national, and even international levels.

We have been working hard to initiate change on campus by speaking to students and administrators about sustainability on campus and how it could be made better. We also encourage our food services to buy more local produce, and we frequently volunteer at local farms.

We've raised money for the red sludge disaster in Hungary, and we attend Power Shift (climate change) conferences in Washington D.C. about every other year (including a mass lobby day where we actually sit down with our representatives and/or their staffers).

Represented Majors:

Creative writing

Student Perspective:

"SAVE is a group of students who are dedicate to protecting and preserving the environment, while educating the Susquehanna campus about the value of the environment."

— Megan Culkin '11
History | Mountaintop, Pa.

Email: save@susqu.edu

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